We cater to all types of different events from birthdays to corporate events to stag parties and more.

We also create extra special events including our infamous 'halloween' parties. We create the ultimate spooktacular in the plantation with special lighting, special effects and hidden scarers...


The perfect way to spend a birthday, you bring the food and we provide the entertainment !

Corporate Events

Get out of the office and enjoy a teambuilding day at South Barrule today.

Special Events

For that extra special event, we can work with you to create something unique.


Not for the faint hearted, at night the plantation is turned into the place of nightmares for this special event !!

- Contact us for more information on any of the events, or if you have any questions.

The Laser-Mayhem Events Team consists primarily of Ex-Military personnel who have kit bags full of experience in delivering the right message for client hospitality, team building, promotional events and employee motivation, get together or simply a treat.

We understand that the key to any event's success lies in getting a clear understanding of your objectives, so the right solution and tone can be delivered on the day. You can choose from our dedicated range of corporate development games or brief us to create a bespoke event to suit your specific objectives.

Using the expertise of our Laser-Mayhem Events Team, clients engage in missions of varying complexity from simple capture the flag games through to bigger VIP operations. Before each game, teams will be briefed and have the opportunity to formulate a plan. The importance of working to deadlines is introduced as timings take on a more significant role in the time frame of the games, it is no longer the survival of the fittest but the survival of the cleverest, with each member of the team displaying their individual strengths for the greater glory of the team.


Laser-Mayhem offer competitive Team Bonding Events through our Corporate Cup Competition, simply assemble as many teams of 10-20 players as your company size permits and either play against one of your own teams or challenge a rival company or a partnership company for an amazing day out followed by a BBQ supper, night shoot competition and evening entertainment.

Please note that we are not a licensed premises however, we do allow groups to bring their own alcoholic refreshments to drink throughout the evening.

Recent companies/groups that have challenged each other include:
  • Hartford Homes v Quinn Legal
  • Manx Business Solutions v Cubbin & Bregazzi
  • Derivco (A) v Derivco (B)
  • Shell Ship Management (A) v Shell Ship Management (B)
  • Manx Independent Carriers (A) v Manx Independent Carriers (B)
  • Standard Bank (A) v Standard Bank (B)
  • CRHS (A) v CRHS (B)
  • Pokerstars (A) v Pokerstars (B)
  • The BUZZ Club (A) v The BUZZ Club (B)
  • Shoprite (A) v Shoprite (B)
  • Motoworld (A) v Motoworld (B)
  • Niarbyl (A) v Niarbyl (B)
  • PWC (A) v PWC ( B)
  • North, East, South and Central Young Farmers Commando Cup Competition
  • Scouts Commando Cup Challenge

The best TEAM throughout the year will be crowned LASER-MAYHEM CHAMPIONS, and with that not only goes the bragging rights, but we will also advertise your Company Logo & Team Name as the undisputed Laser-Mayhem Winners on our Laser-Mayhem support vehicles for a whole year.

We are open all year round, a standard session for adults is £20.00 per person, each session is 2.5 hours and we provide all the camouflaged coveralls, hats, face paint and mid session refreshments.

Small or Medium Sized Companies

Don't worry if the size of your company doesn't allow you to be able to field the full 40 players, as there are a number of options open to you:

Option 1. Field what number of players that you can and let us fill up the remaining places with other players, once the battles are over the other players go home and you guys stay on for the BBQ supper and the evening entertainment.

Option 2. Open the session up to employees families or challenge another company of similar size.

Itinerary Corporate Packages :

1/2 Day Itinerary :

  • Meet and Greet.
  • Issue of Combat Coveralls, Floppy Hat.
  • Camo Face Paint (optional).
  • Choice of Laser Guns, Uzi 9mm, MP5, Sniper Rifle.
  • Unlimited Ammo.
  • Equipment/Mission Brief.
  • 2.5 Hours of Laser-Mayhem Missions.
  • Team photo put online for you to print.

Full Day - Afternoon/Evening Itinerary :

  • Meet and Greet.
  • Issue of Combat Coveralls, Floppy Hat.
  • Camo Face Paint (optional).
  • Choice of Super Upgraded Laser Guns, Uzi 9mm, MP5, Sniper Rifle.
  • Unlimited Ammo.
  • Equipment/Mission Brief.
  • 4 Hours of Laser-Mayhem Missions with refreshment intervals.
  • BBQ Supper & Roaring Open Log Fire.
  • Evening Entertainment with our Singer/Guitarist.
  • Night Time Turkey Shoot Competition.
  • Electronic Photo Album of all Battles and Evening Fun.
  • Enjoy the ambiance and tranquility of the darkened forest environment.
Please note that we are not a licensed premises, however, we do allow groups to bring their own alcoholic refreshments to drink throughout the evening.

Please note that our minimum number for a private closed session is 40 players and our prices start at £20.00 per player.

Our Private Corporate Sessions normally take place on a Friday or Saturday lunch time and go right through to midnight however, we are very flexible and can run midweek events upon request.

The Full Day price is significantly more than our Standard Session price of £20.00 per head, and normally works out between £60.00 - £70.00 per head depending on the numbers attending. However, this price is significantly reduced (£12-15) if you organise your own catering.

We hope this answers your immediate questions, and we are sure you may have more therefore please feel free to call us on (07624) 234555 to discuss your requirements, the options available to you with a great package price, and to check availability.

You can also download all this information in a pdf by clicking here -